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We usually order the boneless spareribs from this place in particular because the the way that they make them is delicious. Not saucey or chewy at all... thinly sliced and a bit charred.. the flavor is very unique and my husband, son and I love them. Their egg rolls are always super crispy & flakey too. We wanted to try something different so we ordered Tofu with mixed vegetables this time around.. it was good too. The veggies were very fresh and perfectly cooked, the sauce light and tangy...
All in all, this is a good place to order from. Fast delivery, reasonably priced and great food!


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Everytime I order from here, the delivery guys are legit the nicest dudes ever. This man sprinted across the snow to give me my food with a smile on his face. Needless to say, the food was piping hot. Now it's no fancy joint but if you're looking for decent run-of-the-mill sesame chicken and a quart of lo mein, look no further fam.


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I absolutely adore this place. Fast, efficient, and generous. Food is hot, tastes great, and easily the most friendly staff. They often deliver themselves, not using grubhub drivers, and the speed and customer service standards are tops. This isn't fine dining, but still, it's a step above the rest. I love you China Garden!


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Wow. Do you know how hard it is to find crispy sesame chicken around here that isn't rubbery? The rice was great, the sesame chicken was great, the egg roll was great. The lo mein noodles were great, but there wasn't a lot of flavor. I should've added some soy sauce. My new go to place!


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China Garden is our go-to take out Chinese restaurant. It's usually quick and our order is always right. It is right down the street from us and Grubhub makes it extremely easy to order our "usual" items and remember what we've ordered there before.

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The food is always good, and always gets delivered early.

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